Please Contact Us to Inquire if We
Can Accommodate Your Freight Needs.

Customer First

We have taken and will continue to take a number of steps to align our strategies with your needs for sophisticated freight solutions.

Enhanced Customer Service

Our dedicated inside team is ready to work with you to provide you with the service and consult on your requirements, where and when it is needed. Our enhanced Customer Service operation continues to provide timely, efficient – and always courteous – movement of your freight.


We are strategically located at the center of Canada’s steel hub. This location gives us access to the points of shipping and receiving that is so vital to our clients in the Steel industry.


Your Action, Our Reaction

We understand sometimes there is no time for pre-planning. Situations arise.

We will work with our clients to achieve the timely delivery needed. If we can’t find a solution inside the box, we will go outside the box to make sure every avenue is explored.  Our Voice of the Customer initiative, including quality and timeliness of service, customer delivery and other key metrics is at the heart of our efforts to increase customer satisfaction. 

This is our promise to you, the customer.

Aaron J. Chusing
General Manager